Why Maternity Photo Shoots

Why You Should Totally Go with The Pregnancy Photo Shoots


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Pregnancy is definitely one of the most beautiful phases in my life, or so I imagine. Don’t get me wrong, while I truly was in awe and overwhelmed with love for the life growing in me, I had all my fair share of morning sickness, nose bleed (you wont believe the amount of tissues that pile up at the end of each session) hormonal-induced mood swings. Suffice to say that I pitied those who came within 2-metres radius of me without being incinerated.

Yet, one of the thing that I shouldn’t have shove away at that point is the oh-so-glorious pregnancy shoots. There were few photographers of whose the works totally stay imprinted in my mind but with the mood swings (again) and the increasingly heavy work load that I had at that time, I had shunned that idea to the back of my mind. It stayed there even after giving birth.

Now, 7 years and another pregnancy later, I regret not giving the maternity photo shoot some serious consideration. Well, if I have to now, I’d perhaps bribe my way to my husband (evil grin).

Now, perhaps some thoughts for why you should TOTALLY go ahead for it.



Totally. Period. Oh how I love the growing bump and the pregnancy glow that comes with it (sans emotional swings). I have to resist looking at pregnant mummies nowadays as I would then again, be bribing my hubby again for the nth times to have our Number 3. For one that is growing life in her, that is a kind beauty that can’t be explained and the only eternal way to preserve it is to have it immortalized in a beautiful photo( alright, perhaps lots of them and you wouldn’t even need to justify for this need, trust me).



There is something with the bumps picture that totally got to me. I am always mesmerized by a little peekaboo effect that preggers have with the beautiful and delicate lacey robe that flows down and frame the bump.

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Image by Captured Gladness (@capturedgladness)Photo 13-05-2019, 1 08 47 PM

Image by Captured Gladness (@capturedgladness)




Image by @foxnme.my

We are so in love with these robes! 


Reason 3: Reason to play Dress-Up

We, the female population in general, just love to be beautiful and will snatch up any chance to play dress-up and being photo-ed. Ok, I hope I am not just talking about myself here. Why wait for that annual dinner, birthday functions or even the 10th wedding anniversary for us to indulge in this? If you are like me, the last time I was dolled-up for a photo shoot was for my pre-wedding shoots. While it involved lots of preparations and many awkward poses (well to be fair, I was married 10 years ago and if it helps, I heard the wedding shoots nowadays tend to be more ‘natural’)


Reason 4: You can’t Wind Back the Clock

While I totally hope maternity photo shoots are like usual weekend lunch that can be re-scheduled according to my whims, I realized this is not the case. Too late, I know. Thus I would like to encourage mummies to NOT MISS having the beautiful moment captured. The same can be say for all those beautiful baby keepsacks such as hand and footprint, first tooth, hair, and oh did I mention hair??? (I know, I know, only mums will find all these adorable)…But my point is simply you can’t turn back the time and have these moments captured again.


Reason 5: Memory Lane

Growing up with my parents that love to cherish the moment (but not preserve it with photos), I found it in me to constantly remind myself to capture photos/videos whenever both my boys are having fun or even bantering and annoying each other. I wanna preserve these in my mind but as any post-delivery mummies, I found myself forgetting where I last kept my house keys etc. And the nagging feeling in me to have my sons know how much I love them (albeit the mutual wrestling/bonding sessions of the two brothers). Now, I am totally getting a family photo shoot scheduled.


Last but not least, do totally flaunt your bump and love with some of gorgeous robes here!

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