3 Seamless Bras for RM99, 3 Period Panties for RM99


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The most comfortable bra I have ever worn. The matrial is so soft, but yet provide support. It really feels like a second skin.

Comfy pants

These pants are soo comfortable and airy!

Light, Comfy, Airy

For something so light and small, they support the goods so well. It's exactly as described, it has a relaxed fit perfect for everyday wear and for the scorching hot weather

Soft & comfy

This is my 1st purchase & yeah...as mention by all, its so soft & comfy. ❤️ the material & colour as well.

It works

Quite comfortable though thicker than normal underwear. Did not size down even though it says runs large as I don’t like my clothes tight. Took my usual size and it worked out well. Used this alone on day 1 with relatively heavy flow and no leaks. I did also use it with a cup on my heaviest days just in case. 3 is the perfect number to wash and wear. Takes a bit longer than overnight to dry. Only drawback is I can’t see how clean the underwear is even after washing as it’s black. Would recommend :) zero overnight leaks at last!

Maya Checkered Pyjamas Set in Strawberry Milk (Last Piece!)
Comfy pyjamas

The material is slightly thick but perfect for aircond room. So comfy and would repurchase if there’s more colours available. Only left 1 colour when I purchase…


Very comfortable to wear all day long

Love the lace material, but i would prefer a full cup


Im in my 2nd trimester,,Probably the best bra so far in my dresser as i can no longer fit my normal bra. It covers and support comfortably

Repeat order for her favourite period panties!

We've tried a few brands and this is her favourite. After one year, they still look good. Love that it doesn't leak when she slept more than 8 hours on heavy day. Perfect for going to school and not have to worry about leaking. Well worth the investment.

Great Quality

Very good material even ideal for breastfeeding comfortable
Feels light & easy

Great on me, and even greater for the planet!

I was skeptical about period panties at first, thinking that they wouldn’t be able to withstand anything beyond a light flow - but I was so wrong! As a regular cup user, I wanted a comfortable yet zero waste alternative to the cup on days that I’m too lazy to put it back in after a shower. So glad I found these and gave them a go! The fit is a little bunchy towards the bottom for me but snug still. More snug (and breathable) than a pad stuck on underwear!

The only bra I wear now!

These are so unbelievably comfortable to wear and the material is crazy soft. I hate wearing bras, but these make me feel like I have nothing on underneath. So breathable and flexible, I even do yoga in them. Absolutely loved it that I bought 4 more pairs after trying one!

Adele Seamless Curvy Bra in Hibiscus
Comfy seamless feeling but loose shoulder strap

I wanted to share my feedback on the recent purchase of the product. Firstly, I must say that I appreciate the seamless feeling while wearing it, and the cup size fits perfectly. However, I have noticed that the shoulder strap tends to slide down repeatedly, causing discomfort throughout the day. Additionally, even after hooking it at the last slot, the under bust area feels slightly loose.

I would like to suggest that perhaps a hook for the shoulder strap could be incorporated into the design, allowing for the length to be adjusted according to different body types. This could be a great solution to the sliding issue and would make the product even more comfortable to wear.

Thank you for considering my feedback. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love it!

The best maternity bra so far. So comfy and fit nicely. Really love it.

Light & Comfy

Nice cutting perfectly smooth and light Great!

Comfy basic bralette!!

Finally, I found a smooth and soft bralette, that just fits and nice for my daily wear! Love it :)

Don’t feel like I’m wearing anything

Super soft and comfortable. I wear this bralette to bed and it gives me that “barely-there” feel. I love it!

This has became my favourite bra EVER!!

Super light padding perfect for hot humid, not to mention SUPER COMFY it feels like wearing NOTHING!! Getting my second set now :DDD


Very comfy and soft cloth material to wear during critical phase of having breast dicomfort during this pregnant time. I guess it’ll be very comfortable also during nursing time as expected to hv breast engorgement and pain that time. Thanks!

Soft on body

fit and material are good. love it

Comfortable to wear and airy

Comfortable and good

Nice to wear and reasonable price


This is my second time buying this bra set. Having tried a few different kinds, this one is soft and comfortable while still offering structure and more support compared to some other types of nursing bra.

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