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I love it so much. For me, I felt that I wasn't in my period and it was a seamless experience!

material is soft

good buy

Mesh Bra Laundry Net 2-Pack
Very good

Never thought of getting this can be so good. Is a lot better than getting from other shops. The net got perfect supports with framing around and the net itself is thicker than a lot of others i bought outside. Really good for wireless bra as the bra pad wont go off easily. Not regret to get this.

Life changing period underwear

I have been waiting for ages for a local brand to make period underwear and I’m so happy it’s finally here ! It has made me feel freer and more comfortable and I’ve not had to worry about staining anything which is so awesome. It’s such a life changing item that has made me more carefree and help lessen plastic waste. Also the price point is so accessible!
Can’t wait until new styles like high waist and seamless are introduced.


The panties are of a high quality material and very comfortable to wear. It is definitely leak proof which is very awesome! My skin has been loving it too as the fabric is soft and not harsh to the skin. Overall, I really recommend it and special thanks to Summer & Peach for making Period Panties accessible in Malaysia.

So comfy!

I bought only 1 set during the promo, wanting to just give them a try first. I regret not getting more! These panties are so comfy. The fit is perfect and true to the sizing chart. Doesn't feel like you're wearing a diaper! Haha. Most importantly, they work! Combined with the cup, my periods are now zero waste.

Super safe!!

I wore it with a pad on my heavy days, and I felt so safe!!!!!
I wore it during the night on my first day, is so good, the feeling of insecurity, has gone away.

I love this so much 🥰❤️❤️🥰

So glad that this has been restocked and i bought all the 3 colors...the material for this pyjamas is really comfy, soft and icy. Love it!!!!😘😘

Life Changing Product!!

My period is never the same with Organicup Menstrual Cup! So much freedom and I even forgot I was on period! Highly recommended :D

worth the buy

Its leak proof definitely something you ought to try !

Love it!

My husband loves the material so much and I couldn't agree more.

Give it a try!

I put off writing this review because I wanted to give a genuine review of my experience with the menstrual cup. All in all, I can say that I absolutely am a menstrual cup convert now and highly encourage anyone who is interested in making the switch to just give it a go! Being a natural skeptic, I gave the cup a chance and don't regret it at all.

Here's a more detailed review of how this cup has made my periods more bearable:
My periods last for 7-8 days and there is very heavy flow for the first 3 days-- I'm talking changing my 32cm winged maxi pad every 2 hours, even waking up in the middle of the night to do so (even with all the changing, half the time I have to deal with leaking and stained underwear and pants). Having to use so many pads per cycle, I first switched to using reusable pads. But after a few cycles, I grew to realize that the constant washing-drying bustle and also due to the heaviness of my flow, reusable pads were not for me. Because of all this constant changing of pads, going out or even going about my day was very troublesome and I'd rather not step out of the house if I could. Making the brave switch to trying the menstrual cup has stopped my period from interrupting my day which is exactly what I needed. I pair my cup with a reusable maxi pad so now I can go 4-5 hours before emptying my cup and changing my pad (the maxi pad catches all the overflow from the cup when I can't empty it in time, kind of like a second defense).

Being a virgin and having not used tampons, I was very scared to try using a menstrual cup. While the learning curve is very real, my advice would just be to bite the bullet and keep trying. You will get the hang of it soon (unless you have underlying problems that prevents you from using a cup of course). I flooded myself with dozens of youtube videos about menstrual cups in preperation of my own experience. I managed to get the hang of it a few days into my cycle which I am so thankful for. Initially, my experience with the organicup mini was not great as I thought it wasn't catching blood, however, when I switched to size A using the same techniques, I realized that the mini was just overflowing way sooner than I had expected. Size A works best for me!

TLDR; to all the virgins, pad users, and those with heavy flow, please don't be intimidated by the cup. Watch a whole bunch of menstrual cup youtube videos and just give it a go.

Love the material and design. I'm not preggy though 🤭 but def have a fat belly! hahah. I must say this panty is not just for maternity but can be worn for all regardless any body type.

Definitely worth the buy

This product is pretty spectacular and definitely worth the $$. It definitely did fit the bill and did it's job. It was especially comfortable at night. However I wouldn't recommend it longer than 8 hours on a heavy flow day as there was quite a bit of leaking through my jeans during the day.

Super Impressed

I usually use a lot of pads during my period as my period flow on the first 2 days are unbelievably a lot! I bought a pack of this hoping to be impressed by it. And it did! I used it to sleep for the first time on my first day of period and even after 10 hours of heavy flow, it did not leak. My bed is also free of any period stains.

The absorbance is so good eventhough I do feel wet when I woke up in the morning, which make sense because of my heavy flow. But it didnt smell and i dont even feel disgusted. It was also so easy to rinse.

I am super impressed! I will be getting another pack soon!

Been meaning to discover more environmental and cost saving methods for awhile now but I wasn't ready for a menstrual cup. These are my first period panties. The material seems to be a cooling, silky (?) kinda feeling. Not stuffy at all. I haven't had the chance to try it on during my period yet so I can't comment much on the absorbency (but, so far) but it is very comfortable when I tried it on. So I imagine it will be an easier transition to get use to a new method of menstruation. I love that it has a lace band (looks pretty! Will give me a little boost because already feeling blah on periods mostly anyways so pretty period panties will help lol). Can't wait to put them to the test!

I have this bralette in several colours. Super pretty, very dainty and delicate. The lace doesn't itch at all. Very comfortable. I can even wear it under a shirt with the top few buttons open for a peekaboo effect without feeling uncomfortable because it's sexy but still has very good coverage. Love the thick lace band under the bust. Very flattering for most body type, I would imagine because I have an athletic/straight body and it gave me an illusion of a define waist.

The trouble with some seamless bras is that sometimes it lacks support and will flatten everything or make it look like you have a uniboob lol but omg, this one doesn't. It looks like a singular garment on the outside but if you see the construction on the inside of the bra, it actually has a built in separation design that gives BOTH individual boob their own lift. It has a slight padding but I love it because most of the other seamless bras I've tried prior to this don't so it lacks the feeling of support. Very light and breathable.

Also, I wore this with a low-cut v-neck top and my friends thought it was a light push up bra (yay!) Cleavage with without compromising comfort! Love it. Will get more of these in the future.

Honestly, one of the better shaper panties I have ever bought. Doesn't roll down ever. Very high waisted. Love the stretchy texture on the front part of the panties. It sucks everything in and at the same time, it makes it so comfortable. Not restricting like some other shapers I have. It hugs you but because it has a thick band, it doesn't dig into your body.


Love the nursing bra, easy to unclip and comfortable material. I bought the second piece with different design.

Great product

Comfy and does the job well! Perfect for use with menstrual cup

Perfect to wear with a pad!

Absorbent, leakproof and breathable. Perfect for wearing with a pad! Love these, and the sizing fit just right.

Gorgeous design and good quality

Really like the quality and design. Great price point.

But I wish the bra and undies sizing could be chosen separately (the bra fit perfectly but the undies were a bit tight for me)

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