1) What is PMS Leakproof Period Panties?

Our leakproof period panties are washable, reusable and sustainable panties designed to replace pads and tampons, panty liners and incontinence products.


2) Why should I consider PMS Leakproof Period Panties?

  • An incredibly comfortable and hygienic option to finally stop relying on disposable products that will protect you every day of your cycle. No more discomfort from pads or tampons!
  • Period panties look and feel just like normal underwear but what's incredible about them is the technology used in designing each of the 4 layers to prevent blood from seeping through.
  • Everyone of us can do Mother Earth a favor. The period panties are totally washable and reusable thus promoting sustainability. 
  • Cost-effective option. Just think about all the pads and tampons we go through in our lifetime (that end up in a landfill), and the cost adds up.
  • No worries of the possibility of toxic chemicals from disposables for going “up there”!


 3) How does PMS Period Panties work?

Our leakproof period panties are designed with 4 layers of ultra-thin materials engineered with specific purpose so that you can stay fresh, dry, hygienic and protected. The first layer wicks away moisture and allow fluid to move through it and away from the body, keeping you dry at all times; the inner layer is highly absorbent and is capable to absorbs and lock in liquid up to 3 tampons' worth (15ml); and the leak proof layer is water-impermeable and prevents liquid from spotting your favorite clothing. The outer layer is designed with breathable material to ensure you to stay fresh throughout your cycle.  



Yes! In fact our period panties are much safer option than tampons and pads that might be loaded with toxic chemicals, including carcinogens. 

Our period panties are tested and independently certified STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX.


5) I am concerned about hygiene and wonder how hygienic can period panties be.

We understand how wearing the idea of period panties that acts as a wearable pad and soaks up your period blood, might make you a lil' skeptical at first. 

Generally, damp conditions such as the coagulation of menstrual blood can lead to the growth of bacteria or fungi that causes odor. PMS Leakproof Period Panties is engineered with anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties to prevent odor and itchiness. The moisture-wicking layer ensures no retention of moisture for for exceptional hygiene whilst the anti-microbial properties will eliminate any bacteria or the fungi.


6) Do I need to wear a pad or tampon with leakproof underwear?

PMS Leakproof Period can be worn on its own throughout the period cycle! It can totally replace disposables such as pad or tampons as it is highly absorbent and can absorb up to 3 tampons'  worth of liquid (15ml). 


7) How do I wash them?

We have designed our period panties to be washed and cared for easily in these 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

Step 1: Rinse under running water (Don’t soak!)

Step 2: Machine washable with laundry bag (cold wash, no softener)

Step 3:  Hang dry and sun it whenever you can
*Do not tumble dry


8) How long can you wear the period panties before the next change?

You can confidently put PMS Leakproof Period  on when you wake up in the morning and wear them until you get home unlike pads or tampons, which need to be changed every four hours. Nevertheless,  we do recommend testing them out for a shorter period of time first instead of going full day! 

New customers are encouraged to try out our period panties at home for a day to better gauge the flow and to understand the period for the next fresh pair of change.


9) Can adolescence girls wear period panties?

Yes!  Period panties are an excellent option for girls that are expecting to start menstruating and beyond. Leaks are especially embarrassing in school and period panties are exactly what is needed to prevent that!  In fact, any age is a good age for a menstruating woman to wear period panties.


10) Can I still use PMS Leakproof Period Panties if I have heavy periods?

Yes. Our period panties are highly absorbent for up to 3 tampons' (15ml) worth or liqued and have a larger area of protected coverage. 


11 )Is there any risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from wearing menstrual underwear?

Unlike tampons, there’s no risk of TSS from period panties since they are worn externally. 


12) How long do period panties last?

Generally, period panties last just as long as any other pair of underwear. Proper care and washing will extend the shelf life. Just remember that most period panties need to be hand or machine washed gentle cycle (with laundry bag)  and hang dried.


13) PMS Leakproof Period Panties for endometriosis

For those suffering with endometriosis, period panties can an amazing option due to the irregular periods and incontinence.  Period panties can absolutely help give you protection and peace of mind while you are out and about.


14) Is there any other occasion that PMS Leakproof Period Panties  be used besides menstruation?

Yes! Women of all ages, from pre teens, to the young woman getting her first period, the woman exercising before work, and even the postpartum mother and beyond. They are ideal for use to combat light bladder leakage, discharge, sweat, odour, or spotting besides menstruation.