Period Panties 101

Is Period Panties a daunting idea to you? 

Well if you are new to period panties like me, you would have A LOT of questions swimming in your mind. 



Most women rely on sanitary pads and tampons during the time of the month. But do we stop to consider how safe these products are? Are tampons or pads healthier? When it comes to our well-being, it's worth to ponder our default choice due to the following dangerous features and get introduced to safer alternatives.


  • Dioxin and Furan: These chemicals that manufacturers of pads use to bleach the naturally creamy shade of cotton so it appears pure white to you. linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and reproductive toxicity. Dioxin is banned in early 2001 because of its capability to cause cancer in ovaries, bladder, breasts and uterus. And it also contains a range of harmful chemicals including polychlorinated dibenzodioxins (PCDDs), polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs) and the recently banned, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).
  • Pesticide Residues: These have been detected in products made with traditionally grown cotton.
  • Undisclosed Fragrance Ingredients: Scented pads and tampons are made with undisclosed fragrance which may contain chemicals linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and allergies.  
  • Irritant Material: The synthetic materials and chemicals used in manufacture as well as final product are known to cause irritation
  • Synthetic Fibers:They are usually entirely or mostly made from synthetic fibers which don’t break down in landfills

What menstruation product do we actually allow to come in contact with definitely the most sensitive and intimate part of our bodies?


 Switching your monthly routine to more sustainable options will not just help by keeping waste out of landfills, it can also substantially cut down on virgin material use, help bring education and resources to women in need, support local business, avert disease, and save bunnies.



Ever dream of going through our menses comfortably without having anything bulky or sticking something up (Yea i know...)? Why have disposable products when you can just incorporate the monthly need into your wardrobe?

Here to a new reality, the PERIOD PANTIES.




Firstly, it is not a hoax.

It looks and feel just like our regular underwear, EXCEPT that it is expertly designed with a special layer to absorb and prevent blood from seeping through.

PMS Leakproof Period Panties are technologically designed menstrual underwear with added layers of fabric that can work in lieu of a pad or tampon. It provides extra protection to avoid leakage and the most amazing thing is that it doesn't  feel different to the touch or on the body. Finally a prayer answered.

when you are looking to purchase these undies, you are likely to be wondering: which one will work perfectly for me? Are there different sizes, material variations, and other factors I should consider? Before switching to period underwear, here is what you should know.


PMS Leakproof Period Panties are  designed to be worn as a one-and-done solution to menstrual flow. 

Um, so, ONLY with the UNDERWEAR?


And let us show you HOW.

Our period panties are designed with 4 layers of materials that hard to keep you comfortable throughout menses consist of ultra absorbent layer that holds up to  3 tampons’ worth of flow, a moisture barrier to keep you comfortable, and a layer designed to prevent any leaks or staining. Still hesitant to make the switch and entrust your flow completely to underwear? Many users first start with lighter flow days or using their period underwear as backup protection before graduating to full-time use.





Step 1: Put them on.

Step 2: Stay chill and forget about ’em.

But in all seriousness, we do recommend for first time users to try out the period panties when they are home for the most part of the days. It helps you to understand your menses cycle and thus how frequent you need to change them

As a general rule of thumb, you can be out and about for working/ working out/ having your yoga sessions or simply strolling around from morning until evening without having to worry of leakage or staining.

However, we  do understand that we are all different and unique individuals as so does our menses. If you are heavy bleeder (sorry for the lack for better word) like me, you might wish to consider having a more frequent change.



  • No more embarrassing staining moments for those with irregular menses . 

Well, besides the personal health and safety issues that comes with using pads and tampons, another amazing takeaway for period underwear is the convenience. While some of us are blessed with "Fixed Date/Cycle", some might have slightly unpredictable cycle. And you don't have to worry about padding yourself while you are out and about! And I personally find it to be such an amazing menstrual product and how I wish i had it when i was a high schooler (Those embarassing staining experience, EACH AND EVERY cycle...facepalm moment indeed)

  • Gentle and non-irritating for the most intimate part

For those that experiencing vaginal discomfort, pain, or dryness due to the sensitivity or simply having allergy towards usual forms of period care, making the switch to period panties might do a lot of good. Our period panties is designed to be breathable and not laden with chemicals that comes with disposables.

  • Say No to Odor!

Have you ever smell something unpleasant whenever you pad yourself during the time of the month? Some of us might notice an unpleasant odor (eww..)associated with wearing sanitary pads. This is due to the growth of bacteria and pathogens over time when our menstrual blood is exposed to oxygen and stays stagnant on the pads (double eww...). And this is the exact reason why manufacturers come up with scented pads to counter this.

PMS Leakproof Period Panties is designed with double features to prevent odor.  Namely the ultra absorbency layer that immediately absorb all liquid to keep you dry (thus limiting the chance of a wet condition that breeds bacteria) as well as the anti-bacterial properties (should there ever be a chance of such growth)  

  • It's Environmentally Friendly and sustainable.

Disposables like pads and tampons are usually ends up in landfills.

Are these recyclable?

Unfortunately NO.

They are non-recyclable due to materials used in manufacturing them as well as for sanitary reason.

Is it Biodegradable?

YES. But sanitary pads will require about 800 years before they biodegrade on average. That is a LONG time and the first sanitary pad that we use is still lurking in the landfill.

Period panties are reusable and it is thus more sustainable than other disposable options.

  • It's Cost Saving too! 

Period panties serve as both period product as well as your regular underwear. With proper care, period panties lasts for up to 2 years and it's definitely more cost saving than the amount we dish out monthly for pads and tampons!


Well ladies, so are you ready to make the switch?


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