I Need You but I Hate You, Bra
Growing up, I’ve always HATED my bras. They are bulky, itchy and utterly uncomfortable to live life with. Boobies Trap, that’s what it is. Every single day I feel trapped by it, and I couldn’t wait for that very moment to reach home and set ‘my girls’ free because seriously, it’s freakin hot in there and they need to breathe!
“Ugh… what’s with all the heavy padding, Bra?
Don’t you know boobs DO sweat??”
– ME complaining to my bra on a typical hot day while trying to somehow air-dry my sweaty chest before those half-moon sweat marks start appearing on my shirt.
Love Boob Sweat
But as much as I hated bras, I can’t deny the fact that I NEEDED them daily. I mean.. How does one get out of the house without a bra on? Unthinkable, yes. But why are men allowed to walk around shirtless and we can’t even go braless?? Unfair, *sigh* yes.
As years passed, I’ve succumbed to fate believing that I’ll be suffocated by those evil bras for the rest of my life… until I met the BRALETTE. This wire-free, unpadded or sometimes lightly padded elastic ‘bra’ has literally changed my life forever – and I’m not saying it in a cheesy way. I could never ever love my bra… No, she’s too much of a control freak. But I love love LOVE my bralette! She understands me like a true BFF (Breast Friends Forever).
Best Bralette Malaysia
You know… that feeling when you put on a skincare that suits your skin type and it’s absorbed right away leaving your skin naturally fresh? Your skin doesn’t feel too oily or too tight – just nice. That’s how I feel wearing a bralette. It feels like we belong to each other (kinda like I’m not wearing anything…) and it’s so liberating! I never thought I could actually feel FREE in a ‘bra’! *tears of joy* I could even wear it to sleep, it’s that comfortable. And the best part? It’s trendy, it’s fashionable. There’s no need to worry about ugly bra straps peeping through because a bralette is beautifully designed to steal the show. WIN.
It’s about time for a Bra-volution, sista! *flings bra away*
Here are some gorgeous bralettes from Summer & Peach:

More luxury designer lingerie available at www.summerandpeach.com

In the meantime, Boob Sweat Towel, anyone?

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