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Elementz Magnesium Oil (100ml) + Elementz Flakes 1KG Bundle

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Magnesium deficiency may cause fatigue, muscle cramps, mental problems, irregular heartbeat and osteoporosis.  Magnesium is an essential mineral and electrolyte that plays a role in many bodily processes, including:

💜 Ease Pregnancy Fatigue & Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
💜 Instant relief for muscle soreness
💜 Relieve PMS cramps & migraine
💜 Stabilize hormone for better skin
💜Reduce inflammation
💜 Energy & mood booster
💜Regulation of bowel
💜Better & deep sleep
💜Regulate nervous system for calming effect & reduce anxiety

Good thing now comes in a pair!
1 x Elementz Magnesium Oil (100ml)
1 x Elementz Flakes 1KG

Magnesium Oil:

Magnesium Oil  is one of the most easily absorbed forms of elemental magnesium which can be both consumed orally and applied topically. Transdermal or topical application allows a quicker absorption through skin, as compared to oral consumption. 
This is what sets Magnesium Oil apart from all other forms of magnesium supplements as Magnesium Oil is efficiently absorbed transdermally (through your skin) without passing through digestive tract. 
1ml of Elementz Magnesium Oil *approximately 10 drops* = approximately 103mg elemental magnesium.
Suitable For: 
Topical application of Magnesium Oil is suitable for any age group of users from infants, children, teens, adults, to elderly. 
Apply on your body 2-3 times a day, or as needed. For better absorption, apply after bath/shower.
For oral consumption, the general recommendation for adults (children: half adult dosage) is to take 2-3 drops of Elementz Magnesium Oil in water or juice, 2-3 times a day. Oral ingestion of Magnesium Oil supports gut health (often for constipation, trapped wind, GERD/acid reflux). 

Full details on How to Use Elementz Magnesium Oil here.

*For application on broken skin or sensitive areas, we suggest that you dilute the magnesium oil with pure water before application.

**Transdermal use of Magnesium Oil is considered superior to Oral due to the higher absorption rate of magnesium through one's skin. However, Oral intake can help support gut heal. So a combination of both Oral + Transdermal -in our opinion- would be optimum.
Zechstein Inside® certified.
- Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM), registration number: MAL15085056NC
Keep out of children’s reach. Avoid direct contact with eyes, cuts and broken skin.
Keep away from direct sunlight.

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