Adele Seamless Curvy Bra (Last piece!)

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Size: 7XL
Color: Navy



Curvy babes, We've Got You Covered!


  • Flattering and ultra comfy seamless bra for curvy babes
  • Designed with wide straps and a higher back and sides for better coverage and prevents rolls.
  • Designed specifically for larger cup sizes and offer perfect support.
  • The soft yet firm underband provides lift that you will love!
  • Ultra soft and elastic band with to fit your size fluctuations.
  • Soft padded cups with removable pads for added push up effect.
  • Versatile and the seamless edge is perfect to go with your favorite outfits  


We recommend M if you are a size:
30F / 30G / 34B / 34C / 34D / 34E

We recommend L if you are a size:
32F / 32G / 36B / 36C / 36D / 36E

We recommend XL if you are a size:
34F / 34G / 38B / 38C / 38D / 38E  

We recommend 2XL if you are a size:
36F / 36G / 40B / 40C / 40D / 40E

We recommend 3XL if you are a size:
38F / 38G / 42B / 42C / 42D / 42E

We recommend 4XL if you are a size:
40F / 40G / 44B / 44C / 44D / 44E  

We recommend 5XL if you are a size:
42F / 42G / 46B / 46C / 46D / 46E

We recommend 6XL if you are a size:
44F / 44G / 48B / 48C / 48D / 48E

We recommend 7XL if you are a size:
46F / 46G / 48F / 50B / 50C / 50D / 50E / 52B / 52C / 52D



    • 64% nylon / 36% spandex



    IMPORTANT! Please Read!

    - Handwash with care and hang dry (Do not tumble dry)

    - If using washing machine, please use laundry bag

    - DO NOT Soak

    - DO NOT Scrub


    (Check out our Size Guide for more details)

    Shipping and Delivery details here!


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