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Posted on 19 March 2020

COVID-19, as we know it, has now evolved into a worldwide pandemic. As with most of the global citizen right now, we are facing the battle with this new and unique virus that our immune system have not previously been exposed too . As much as we practice hygience with hand washing and wearing of masks (which is hard to come by unfortunately), boosting immune system for the family, especially the elderly has become crucial.

Known widely as the Golden Spice, saffron benefits are truly remarkable.




Well I have heard of Saffron but not so much on paying attention to it previously until I need to research a way to boost up the immune system of my young family.


And they say there is no price for health, how true that is.

Saffron is known to boost one’s immune system which may be helpful as the world is scrambling to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19).




A) Loaded with Vitamins, carotenoids and phytochemicals

It is practically a natural immune booster as it is loaded with B vitamins such as B1, B2, and B6 plus vitamin C which are all crucial for a healthy, functioning immune system. In addition, it also has carotenoids which affect the body’s immune response.

Even the plant’s essential oils, including phytochemicals, are believed to boost the immune response. At low doses, researchers have found that saffron benefits the immune systems ability to function by stimulating a rapid cellular response and acting as a potential immunostimulant.

The plant’s immunomodulatory effects(1) hold a great deal of promise in perhaps treating or preventing future diseases and viruses


B) Anticancer Properties

According to a study conducted (2), one of the most integral saffron benefits as that of an anticancer agent. 

In test-tube studies, saffron and its compounds have been shown to selectively kill colon cancer cells or suppress their growth, while leaving normal cells unharmed (3).

This effect also applies to skin, bone marrow, prostate, lung, breast, cervix, and several other cancer cells (4).

All these definitely add to the wow-factor of this amazing spice!



A bonus literally, and there are so many other amazing health benefits and allow me to list it here:

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Improves respiratory health & reduces asthma symptoms
  • Improves immune system
  • Reduce heart disease & lower blood sugar level
  • Fights cancer
  • Weight loss
  • Improves eyesight & memory
  • Optimizes digestive system & improves sleep
  • Reduces menstrual discomfort
  • Mood booster



You might find that the price is slightly on the higher side and well, that is because it is an extremely labor-intensive crop. Saffron is an ancient spice obtained from the Crocus sativus plant.These buds will develop into complete flowers & more than 80,000 crocus flowers must be grown, cared for, hand-harvested and processed to make one pound of saffron


Do give saffron a try for the natural way of boosting the immune system for you and your loved ones!  

WHY WE LOVE L'Revi's Golden Saffron Immune Booster Tea (5g)?

This pack has approximately 3000 strands of the hand harvested Persian saffron and what is best, it is manufactured in a factory with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard and conforms to all aspects of ISO3632.  Now wouldn't that gave us a peace of mind and our money's worth?




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