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How To Choose A Training Bra For My Pre-Teen Daughter?

Posted on 16 February 2022

How To Choose A Training Bra For My Pre-Teen Daughter?

Do you remember when your little girl took her first steps or said her first words? They grow up in a blink of an eye and soon enough, Daddy and Mommy’s little girl is not so little anymore. She may have started going through puberty and develop a small raised bump behind her nipples known as “breast buds”. By the time they start poking out from underneath her shirt, it may be fitting to embark on her preteen milestone of wearing her first bra.

How is it time for your daughter to get her first training bra? Soon she’ll be a young woman and get married!

Take a deep breath, your heart may be beating slightly faster and maybe even forming a sweat. Before you get overwhelmed and start experiencing a panic attack, there are many useful tips and pieces of advice below to help you navigate through this totally normal journey of your daughter’s life.



Ironically, a Training Bra does not do any “training”; instead, a training bra is ideally the first type of bra girls wear when they start to develop breasts. It is specifically designed for pre-teen girls to cover-up their developing breasts and help girls become familiar with wearing a bra.

At What Age Do Girls Typically Start Wearing A Training Bra?

Girls usually start to show signs of breast development at the ages of 9-12, but can occur as early as 8 years old. Breast development will vary between girls of the same age, meaning that their age should not necessarily determine if they should start wearing a training bra. Instead, you may observe the tell-tale signs of her breast development and have conversations with your daughter regarding her desire or if she is ready to start wearing one.

How To Choose A Training Bra For My Pre-Teen Daughter?

Is my daughter ready to start wearing a training bra?

It is important to discuss such topics with your daughter despite the awkwardness it may bring. Having conversations about her developing body would help her understand the changes she is and will be going through, as well as empowering her to have a say about what she is comfortable with. If she is ready to start wearing a training bra, below are some helpful tips for you.


Top 3 Tips For Buying Your Daughter Her First Training Bra:


Oftentimes, girls may find the inevitable first bra shopping experience exciting, confusing or even awkward for them. Part of being the best parent or guardian parent for your daughter is taking on the responsibility to have an open conversation about this to ease her concerns and help her embrace her changing body. If you are unsure about how to lead the conversation, here some questions you may ask your daughter to guide the discussion:

  • Does she notice any physical changes such as the development of her breasts?
  • Has any of her friends started to wear training bras?
  • Does she feel uncomfortable with her body changing?
  • Does she desire or feel the need to start wearing a training bra?
How To Choose A Training Bra For My Pre-Teen Daughter?


You may want to take your daughter to get fitted properly in a shop that offers bra fitting services done by appropriately trained staff; or your daughter may be more comfortable having you measure her yourself with a measuring tape. Getting your daughter’s measurements allows an estimation of the training bra size that would be ideal for her. Luckily, many training bras have elastic gutters which makes the bra more accommodating to your daughter.

How To Choose A Training Bra For My Pre-Teen Daughter?


Taking the material and price into consideration before attempting to buy the perfect bra for your tween daughter would ensure a comfortable fit and proper protection. The materials used to make the training bra is equally important to the comfort of your daughter. It is always a good idea to look for training bras made from cotton or breathable fabrics. Brands like Summer & Peach use soft and breathable cotton, designed for optimum comfort which would be perfect for your daughter’s first training bra. Try to avoid lace and underwire as lace can be itchy and underwire may just add unnecessary discomfort especially in Malaysia’s heat!

Comfortable training bra


This is one of your daughter’s firsts milestones to becoming a woman, make it an effort to empower her and allow her to lead the discussion while you listen. Doing so would allow her to learn to make decisions and choose which bra she finds the most comfortable. Bra shopping may even be an exciting or fun experience for her if she is given the freedom to choose from the wide selection of training bras of different colours, patterns and designs!

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