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Posted on 18 February 2020

As a health-freak mom of two, ensuring healthy balanced meals is essential but ultimately not sufficient. Building up the kid's immune system has soon become something takes up a lot of space in my mind and heck, let’s make it fun while we are at it!

I came to the idea of working out together with my 7-year-old and soon to be 3 boys (God, give me strength ). Trying out yoga together with the kids for the first time, it was more disastrous than pretty. I imagined a peaceful yoga with all three of us pulling off the Natarajasana pose confidently only to find ourselves tumbling down. But hey we had lots of fun! The steps might not be followed to a tee but we had a really good laugh and ultimately good bonding session.

I love our first session and can’t wait for the next! What can possibly make it more ideal though are the beautiful workout gears Flexi Lexi Fitness. It is perfect for not only for adults but its kids’ range is so adorable and I can’t!

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